A new lesson with every objection

Take advantage of lessons you learn from every objection while prospecting. It will up your game.

A common theme with all aspects of sales is that failure is a constant in sales. When it comes to prospecting calls, it is especially prevalent. The person on the other side hangs up again. Before that, someone else said they have no interest, another feels satisfied with what they have, or any other textbook objection you’ve heard a hundred times before. It will always happen; because every single call isn’t a winner, and that’s just the hard reality.

What can happen, is that from every one of the bad calls, you can compile lessons learned to form new and improved techniques. If you see each failure as a lesson, with every new call, you will have a handful of new tools. With more practice, as your confidence and technique improves, your stats will also improve. As a salesperson, looking at the past to better the future is the best practice.

Takeaway: Think of the patterns you observe with every call. More specifically, notice the most common reasons why the phone hangs up before you’ve set an appointment, then brainstorm on what adjustments you can make to prevent those hang-ups and rejections.

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