Answer a question with your own

Ever thrown an answer into the fog of a prospect’s first question, only to lose the battle?

Initial questions, are surface questions. And an initial answer could in the end spell certain doom to a sale. A prospect may not understand exactly what they want, or need. And you may not completely grasp the value of you have to offer to end their pain, or create long-term solutions to their problems. If you present what you consider to be the solution, before you know the best answer, they may instantly shut you down. Then you are pinned in a corner, on your toes, and fighting to keep the sale. This first question is confusion, so cut through it with your own.

To make your life easier when they ask a question, instead of thinking that the first answer will close, reply with a question yourself. “Is this car super powerful?” The customer asks. The smart salesperson would reply, “That’s a great question, but, why is that important to you?” They find out that to the customer, a “super powerful car” equals a car that gets horrible gas mileage and is not worth the money. In that case, the most noticeable pain was that they’ve had poor gas-mileage cars in the past, and were reluctant to repeat that mistake. A salesperson who doesn’t answer with a question, may have spilled all the beans on the cars’ horsepower, driving the prospect away, as one example.

Want a beautiful, ever evolving garden? Spread around the fertilizer by asking for referrals, and let word of mouth do wonders in the backyard of your career.

Takeaway: What are some ways you can dig into a question, to find the true item that needs to be answered? Think of three to five ways you can use the power of their confusion to your advantage.

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