Be mindful about what you say

Have you ever said something about your offering that was never questioned?
Then the prospect suddenly gets uncomfortable and changes their mind about the deal . . .

This is an important concept that all salespeople should keep in mind during their next presentation, formal introduction, or final meeting to sign a contract. It’s not a good idea to bring up a new feature or aspect of your product that the prospect never asked about, as great as it may seem to you. That one last feature may be the selling point in your eyes, but could be the killing point in theirs.

As a salesperson, you are providing to the prospect a service, a product, a source of healing for the pain they are feeling. And they need what you offer for specific reasons. Those topics they ask about, or relevant points from what the prospect has said throughout your interactions are the ones you need to discuss, and nothing more. Ask all the right questions to determine the specific aspects of your offering to discuss and nothing beyond that. If you do, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise and a deal that didn’t close.

Takeaway:  If there are aspects of your offering that you feel are truly the highest selling points that you feel every prospect should know about, try the following strategy. Use them as a filter before getting too deep into the sales process. If they begin to hesitate with any of those points, you will quickly know not to discuss those things later in the process. However, if you briefly mention something else as you are finding out whether or not they are a Super Prospect, and their eyes light up, you then know to highlight those points during the presentation.

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