Don’t push the sale, start with a meeting

How often have you tried to get a contract signed, when there just wasn’t any connection?

Have you ever approached a stranger on the street, given them the entire pitch of your product or service that costs $10,000 in a mere two minutes? Would you honestly expect them to buy it on the spot? The first dial, the first encounter, is supposed to be a quick and simple effort to become acquainted. The purpose is to see if there may be interest, and then set up a meeting.

On a cold call, or first contact, the prospect may not be ready to fully participate in an exchange, especially if you caught them ten minutes before they have a big meeting themselves. By establishing the expectation that it is simply an introduction, to see whether or not it is justified to set up a more formal conversation, you are setting yourself up as a salesperson for more success. Both parties come into engagement with a better understanding, with rapport, and on equal terms.

Takeaway: Do you find yourself pitching a sale 30 seconds in while talking with a prospect, and scaring them away? If so, think about how you can you change your approach so that you get a meeting, and eventually their business. Look at your scripts, or notes, and see what some adjustments can make to help improve your tactics and increase your revenue.

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