Hesitation is never a good thing in sales

Wonder what’s going on when a prospect tells you they want to think about it for a bit?

One thing you never want to hear in sales is “Let me think about it.” When a prospects says that, chances are they are hoping that the passing of time will make it easier to say “no thanks” at the end. After all, with a week or two passing, priorities and budgets change, or suddenly the prospect will be unavailable or too busy and tell you to try back in three to six months. They let you down without making themselves look bad in their eyes. How do you avoid this dead end situation? At the beginning, as you establish the purpose of a meeting or the grounds of the next conversation, make sure the prospect understands that there really are only two options, “yes or no.” Put them at ease and make sure they feel alright about saying no. What does this do? Ultimately, it saves you time and allows you to go after better sales leads if you let them say no. It also clears away any fog, not letting them hide behind indecision. It will be better for you as a salesperson. This dialogue certainly builds rapport in any sales situation when you lead with direct, honest communication, not smokescreens and expect the same in return.

Takeaway:  What are a couple of things you can do that will avoid hesitation in your next conversation with a prospect? Begin to make these techniques part of your routine to get to the point in your next sale, and enjoy more productive time.

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