R & R: Referrals and Riches

Have you experienced the wonders from the word of mouth?

There exists a picture of the average salesperson sweating, running, desperately trying to keep things alive and doing all of the work. Imagining their sales career as a garden, they are constantly checking on it, finding single seeds in the ground and nurturing them; hoping it blossoms, in this case into a sale. But nearby seeds remain unattended, potentially rotting, and only the salesperson can work on them to grow something out of them. This salesperson is working alone, and far too much.

For the intelligent and successful salesperson, they hire an “invisible gardener” to cultivate the riches. Referrals, or word of mouth, act as such. While the salesperson is off bringing new blossoms to life, past prospects that the salesperson found referrals from are tending to nearby seeds. Now, they don’t need to be creating sales entirely without the gardener, but they are prepping the stage for the salesperson to come back and quickly make the plant bloom. This, simply put, is referrals and riches.

Want a beautiful, ever evolving garden? Spread around the fertilizer by asking for referrals, and let word of mouth do wonders in the backyard of your career.

Takeaway: Take time to hire helping hands – schedule interviews with potential invisible gardener, that is, some of your favorite present and past clients, and get them to work.

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