What We Offer: Meetings

If your business needs meetings with decision makers to close sales, we can help. We work with clients in fields ranging from marketing to sanitation services and everything in between (typically B2B).

Getting the right people on the phone, keeping them there and setting appointments are some of the hardest parts of sales, and exactly what we specialize in. We’ve developed an effective, efficient process that uses techniques we’ve specially developed to overcome these barriers and get our clients the meetings they need.

Our Process

Step 1: Understand

We fully learn your sales process, your business and your brand so as to be indistinguishable from an in-house sales team.

Step 2: Plan

Our expert leadership team works with you to put together a list of decision makers you need to reach, then creates the perfect plan to get you in the door.

Step 3: Call

Our team of highly-trained salespeople makes the calls, using our innovative techniques to get you meetings.