The Power of Silence

Does silence make you nervous? What if saying nothing sometimes, is the best thing?

Asking questions to uncover the primary problems, and the path to the solution, is essential as a smart salesperson. Sometimes, after some more simple questions, the prospect may have nothing to say at all – This may be a moment of thought. Many salespeople, people in general, cringe when there is silence and want to fill it right away. They assume that quiet means death of a sale, and that something wasn’t said right on their end, or a point wasn’t made that should’ve been made, and attempt to dig out of a non-existent hole with super specific questions. These super specific questions may transform into power-point presentation bullets that the salesperson believes will ignite talk from the prospect and get the sale to a close. But it might do just the opposite and make an objection, and steer away from opportunity.

A salesperson who is smart, will not change the subject when things become “uncomfortable”. Using this moment, patience, heightens the salesperson stature as a trusted guide who truly listens. In the rule of letting the prospect talk more, smarts suggest that the prospect will eventually come to fill the awkward moment of pause. Waiting, in a simple mindset, dumbing down thoughts, lets the salesperson use the next things the prospect says to continue toward a deal. It lets the prospect paint the picture that the salesperson can clearly see. When the prospect lays down the next stroke on the canvas, the salesperson can ask another question – and the process moves on. Prospects need to talking more, and if allowed to do so, will speak first in such a small yet pivotal moment.

Takeaway: Simple questions can provoke fruitful moments. Instead of long winded questions, what are three basic things you can ask a prospect to get them thinking? That might make silence?

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