While there’s smoke, your prospect may not be hot to buy

After a conversation ends with a prospect, have you ever found yourself believing things were going in one direction, while the prospect was going another way?

Miscommunication between buyers and the sellers happen all the time and can derail some of the greatest transactions. Here’s an example of how “smoke” between the seller and the buyer can cause such difficulties.

One example, is walking away with different expectations. After shaking hands at the end of a very positive meeting, the salesperson thinks that the next meeting will result in signing a contract. The buyer was enthusiastic, and their excitement outlined certain words that the salesperson wanted to hear. The buyer, however, believes that they are going to be presented with a detailed proposal and case studies in the next meeting. They think that may influence closing the deal, but it all depends on how much they are persuaded by the presentation and the buyer’s timelines. They are clearly going down different roads.

How can you prevent this from happening with your next sales situation? Establish an agenda between you and the buyer and be prepared for outcomes and expectations. Recount everything that has been said, agreed, or needs further discussion to decide a concrete, defined next step. This creates clarity, sets realistic expectations, and will prevent you from losing a crucial sale.

Takeaway:  Look over trends in the conversations where a sale went wrong due to miscommunication, outline some techniques that will steer the next conversation toward a more positive end.


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